Breast and Areola Reconstruction

If you have undergone reconstructive breast surgery or a skin condition or are simply unhappy with your natural areola, Micropigmentation can help. It helps restore the look of your areolas bringing confidence in their appearance. Chelsea uses the most advanced 3D areola Micropigmentation which looks absolutely realistic. If you require areola only on one side, Chelsea will closely match with your existing areola. 

Who is this for?

• Breast Reconstructions 
• Breast augmentation or any other breast surgery for both men and women
• Those who have faded or irregular areolas that need correction in size or color
• Those with any sort of skin condition or discoloured areola


Areola Micropigmentation, as it is generally called, is an innovative medical cosmetic makeup technique. Chelsea uses only the latest 3D areola micropigmentation techniques. 

The treatment gently deposits microscopic particles of pigment under your skin with a sterile cartridge, like an electronic pen-like device. The needles in the cartridge implant the pigments into your skin to create or recreate the shape, size and to give the right colour effect of nipple and areola. From cosmetic enlargement to cosmetic balancing of the areola’s colour, micropigmentation can help you in achieving your aesthetic goals.


The consultation services begin with exploring your medical history to figure out the safest option for you. At the second stage, Chelsea starts designing, taking into account your skin tone, size and shape of your breasts as well as your expectations. Throughout the entire process, you are totally involved in all the steps, right from choosing the colour to the size of the pigmentation. She ensures that you have all the information about the process as well as the know-how of the after-care to be taken for a flawless result.