What is Medical Micropigmentation?

Medical Micropigmentation covers several key applications for various conditions of the skin such as Scars, Burns, Breast Reconstruction & Camouflage. It involves carefully applying specialized pigment to the skin where color is missing from injury or trauma, birth defect, post-surgery or scarring.

What is SPMU?

‘SPMU’ means semi-permanent makeup. It’s a delicate process that deposits high grade pigment into the skin’s epidermis using extremely fine tools called microneedles and microblades . A range of highly realistic effects can be achieved such as hair strokes, powder effects or shading. During your consultation, Chelsea will recommend a personalized solution for you and create a digital preview so you can get an accurate impression of how your brows will look.

What can you expect?

Post treatment it’s very common to experience a little redness, but this will typically disappear within 1-6 hours. Immediately after the procedure the area will look much darker and much more defined than the final result (which will fade about 40% in the first 14 days), and look a lot ‘softer’. You will see the final result approximately 28 days after the treatment.

Normal side effects

It’s perfectly normal and part of the process to experience some redness, tenderness, flaking, peeling, and even slight scabbing, and then some itchiness as your treatment area recovers.

What to avoid?

Don’t pick, peel or scratch. Avoid sweating, swimming, hot saunas, hot baths, Jacuzzis, sun tanning/salon tanning until the skin surface is fully healed.

How long will it last?

Longevity will depend on many factors: skin type, where on your body you had the treatment, sun exposure etc.

Is it painful?

There is minimal discomfort associated with the procedures, as it is a very delicate process. Pharmaceutical grade numbing ointment is used prior to the start of your treatment.