What is SPMU?

‘SPMU’ means semi-permanent makeup. It’s a delicate process that deposits high grade pigment into the skin’s epidermis using extremely fine tools called microneedles and microblades . A range of highly realistic effects can be achieved such as hair strokes, powder effects or shading.

During your consultation, Chelsea will recommend a personalized solution for you and create a digital preview so you can get an accurate impression of how your brows will look.

What can you expect?

Shape and Color

Post treatment it’s very common to experience a little redness, but this will typically disappear within 1-6 hours. Immediately after the procedure the area will look much darker and much more defined than the final result (which will fade about 40% in the first 14 days), and look a lot ‘softer’.

You will see the final result after 28 days, but during this time your brow shape and definition will evolve, so patience is important!


You will be provided with aftercare instructions and it’s important that you apply the balm as directed and to keep your brows dry until the surface is fully healed which takes about 8-12 days.

Normal side effects

It’s perfectly normal and part of the process to experience some redness, tenderness, flaking, peeling, and even slight scabbing, and then some itchiness as your brow area recovers .

What you should avoid…

Don’t pick, peel or scratch at the brows (even though it’s tempting to do so). Avoid , sweating, swimming, hot saunas, hot baths, Jacuzzis, sun tanning/salon tanning until the skin surface is fully healed.

How long will the treatment last?

The pigment is gently deposited into the skin’s epidermis and will naturally fade over time. Retention of the pigment in the skin varies from person to person and exposure, lifestyle and age will also effect the result. On average the results last for 12-18 months.

How long will it take?

Always allow up to 2 hours for your treatment, a comprehensive consultation will be provided and Chelsea will share information about the treatment with you, create a digital preview of how your brows will look, map the shape, share color matches and answer any questions. Then your fabulous new brows will be created!

A touch-up service will be provided 5-10 weeks after your treatment and will take around 45 minutes.

Is it painful?

In our experience, most people liken the first five minutes as comparable to threading or tweezering, and others experience hardly any discomfort at all. A highly effective topical numbing agent will be applied throughout the treatment.