Tattoo Removal/ Lightening

More accurately it is a unique chemical extraction process. The cream is applied in a similar manner to the original tattoo using a digital micropigmentation machine. The solution then bonds with the pigment which is then expelled from the body and raised to the surface of the skin, forming a crust which eventually falls off.

The process is much less painful than having the original tattoo applied as pharmaceutical anesthetic creams are used during this process.

A crust starts to form, which must be kept dry over the next few weeks until it naturally falls off. As the skin begins to heal additional ink is continuously drawn to the surface of the skin.

It is very importance that the crust is not pulled or picked forcing it off before it has completely healed and is ready.

The Rejuvi system is very effective although unlikely that a tattoo can be removed in a single treatment. Normally a tattoo will take a number of treatments typically around 3 to 4 depending on your individual circumstances.

After the treatment the skin might have some redness which will gradually subside over time. It is important to strictly maintain your aftercare treatment plan to reduce the risk of any scarring.

Price will be provided upon consultation.