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Free Digital Brow Preview

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Choose from one of the following brow enhancement services from Chelsea and enjoy free digital preview before your final treatment


    Benefits of Free Digital Brow Preview

    Discover the benefits of getting a free digital preview before getting semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows

    Personalized Experience

    Receive a preview tailored to your unique facial structure and style preferences.

    Customized Brow Design

    Tailor your brows to perfectly match your facial features and personal style.

    Financial Assurance

    Feel assured in your investment by knowing you’ll love the results.

    Reduced Anxiety

    Eliminate any apprehension or uncertainty by knowing exactly what to expect.

    Increased Confidence

    Feel confident and excited about your upcoming transformation.


    Streamline the consultation process with a clear visual reference.

    No Surprises

    Avoid any unexpected outcomes by seeing a realistic preview of your brows beforehand.

    Improved Communication

    Clearly convey your preferences and expectations to the artist, ensuring better results.

    Better Decision-Making

    Make a well-informed choice about shape, thickness, and color of your brows before committing.

    Achieve Flawless Brows with Our Semi-Permanent Makeup

    The right eyebrow shape can completely transform your look, lifting your eyes and making you look younger. Chelsea's semi-permanent eyebrow treatment adds the perfect definition without taking away from your natural beauty. Imagine waking up with beautiful brows every day and not needing to fuss with makeup. With SPMU by Chelsea, you can say goodbye to your daily brow routine and hello to effortlessly gorgeous brows.


    Microblading is a popular semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique. It's perfect for sparse brows, and Chelsea often adds micro shading for full definition. Using a small handheld tool with fine needles, she creates realistic hair strokes on the skin's surface, resulting in natural, beautifully defined eyebrows that look like they were done with a brow pencil


    It’s quite like microblading where a very fine nanoneedle is used to deposit pigment and give the look and feel of the natural eyebrow. This semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing lasts longer and is less painful than microblading. Nanoblading is a meticulous technique and demands a high level of skill, training, and patience to achieve the desired result.


    Chelsea uses a handheld tool to apply tiny dots to your brows, filling in any sparse spots. This creates a soft impression of shadow on the brow, like the effect created by using eye powder. Some clients prefer a more subtle, powdery look, while others go for bold, Instagram-style brows with fullness and drama. A gradient effect can also be created.

    Ombre Brows

    Ombre brows are perfect if you want bold, misty, and well-groomed eyebrows. This shading technique is relatively new but high in demand. It involves creating a lighter head and darker tail, giving a beautiful gradient effect. Using a machine, tiny dots of pigment are delicately applied to your skin, resulting in a natural-looking, soft-shaded finish.

    Eyebrow Correction

    If you are unhappy with your eyebrow color, shape, hair, or general appearance, there is no need to worry. With complete eyebrow correction, your all concerns will be addressed. Even if you are not happy with your permanent eyebrow tattooing visit Chelsea Gregory Treatment Studio in Dubai and get trustworthy and experienced help.

    See What Your New Eyebrows Will Look Like Before & After The Treatment!

    With Chelsea's individualized approach and attention to detail, you can trust that every single brow is a work of art created just for you.

    Semi-permanent Eyebrows - Before & After
    Semi-permanent Eyebrows - Before & After in Dubai
    Microblading, Micro shading Phibrows Dubai
    Microblading, Micro shading Phibrows Before and After