Semi-Permanent Makeup

By Chelsea Gregory

With over 20 years of experience, Chelsea strives to empower her clients by enhancing their natural beauty with the transformative power of Semi-permanent Makeup or SPMU. Her goal is to empower her clients through her work, and to help them feel confident, beautiful, and valued in their everyday lives.

Semi-permanent makeup is fast gaining popularity as it offers a flawless, low-maintenance look without the need for constant touch-ups. With this technique, you can confidently step out of the house without carrying a makeup kit and feel fantastic, knowing that your appearance is always spot on. Selecting Chelsea's Treatment Studio for your semi-permanent makeup treatments is a decision that will pay off in the long run, providing you with satisfying, natural and durable results.

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Wakeup Looking Flawless Every Day With Semi-permanent Makeup!

From subtle enhancements to bold looks, Chelsea can create a range of semi-permanent tattoos that suit your individual style and needs. Furthermore, because of her knowledge of medical makeup, she can work with clients who have specific requirements, ensuring they feel confident and beautiful with their SPMU.


Semi-permanent Lips
Lip Blush isn't just about defining your lips' natural contours, but it can also be used to enhance their size and cover up scars like a cleft lip. By skillfully applying a lip tattoo using semi-permanent makeup, Chelsea can create the illusion of larger, fuller lips, which can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your natural look.
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Enhance Your Beauty

Semi-permanent Eyebrows
The right eyebrow shape can transform your look by lifting and emphasizing your eyes, taking years off your appearance. Chelsea's semi-permanent eyebrow treatment adds definition without compromising your natural beauty. Say goodbye to the daily makeup routine and hello to effortlessly beautiful brows with SPMU by Chelsea.
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Look Beautiful

Semi-permanent Eyeliner
Stop struggling with eyeliner and start enjoying beautifully defined eyes with the precision of Chelsea's SPMU eyeliner. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural-looking line or a more dramatic cat-eye, a tight lining, or just want to add depth to your eyes, Chelsea can help you achieve beautiful, flawless eyes that will turn heads and make you feel confident and gorgeous.
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Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist (SPMU) - Chelsea Gregory

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