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Which semi-permanent makeup procedure is best for my desired outcome and eyebrow shape?

How long will the microblading or microshading procedure take and is there any downtime?

What is the cost of the SPMU eyebrow treatment and are there any financing options available?

How long will the results last and will I need touch-ups or maintenance of my semi-permanent eyebrows?

Whether you're looking to fill in sparse areas, create a more defined brow shape, or achieve a fuller look, SPMU can provide the perfect solution for your eyebrow needs. Transform your eyebrows with semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) techniques like microblading, microshading, nanoblading, and ombre brow.

Chelsea combines her artistic talent with the latest techniques such as micro & nano shadowing, nano blading, microblading, and micropigmentation to create the perfect customized brows for you. She takes the time to listen to your needs and preferences, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Trust Chelsea to give you the perfect eyes with well-defined eyeliner and neatly shaped brows with her unparalleled expertise and attention to detail.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Eyebrows Dubai

Who is this for?

Semi-Permanent Makeup for eyebrows is a great option for if you have sparse or uneven brows, lost your eyebrows due to a medical condition or aging, or simply want to achieve a more defined and polished look.

People who want to save time on their daily makeup routine and enjoy long-lasting results can also benefit from this.

Price Ranges from

600 to 3,300 AED

+971 55 92 84491

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Types of Semi-Permanent Eyebrows:


Microblading is the most sought-after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique that is also known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattooing, feather tattooing, or micro-stroking. It is ideal if you have sparse eyebrows and Chelsea often complements it with micro shading to give the full definition to your brows. During the microblading process, a small handheld tool with several needles attached will be used to create fine hair strokes on your skin's topmost layer, known as the epidermis. It is more like using a brow pencil and results in a natural, clean, and realistic appearance of the eyebrows.


It’s quite like microblading where a very fine nanoneedle is used to deposit pigment and give the look and feel of the natural eyebrow. This semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing lasts longer and is less painful than microblading. Nanoblading is a meticulous technique and demands a high level of skill, training, and patience to achieve the desired result.


Chelsea uses a handheld tool to apply tiny dots to your brows, filling in any sparse spots. This creates a soft impression of shadow on the brow, like the effect created by using eye powder. Some clients prefer a more subtle, powdery look, while others go for bold, Instagram-style brows with fullness and drama. A gradient effect can also be created.

Ombre Brows:

Ombre brows are a great option if you want a bold, misty, powdery, and well-groomed eyebrow look. This shading technique is relatively new but high in demand. The dramatic transition of the ombre effect involves creating a lighter head and darker tail. A machine is used to delicately place tiny dots of pigment into your skin, resulting in a natural-looking, soft-shaded appearance with gradient effects.

Eyebrow Correction:

If you are unhappy with your eyebrow color, shape, hair, or general appearance, there is no need to worry. With complete eyebrow correction, your all concerns will be addressed. Even if you are not happy with your permanent eyebrow tattooing visit Chelsea Gregory Treatment Studio in Dubai and get trustworthy and experienced help.

Consultation With Chelsea

If you're interested in getting semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) for your eyebrows, a consultation with Chelsea Gregory is the perfect place to start.

Chelsea offers complimentary consultations, where she'll take the time to explain the treatment in detail and discuss how it works. During the consultation, she will map the shape of your eyebrows, taking into account your skin type, face shape, pitch, arch height, and length. She'll also share and discuss color options to ensure that the final result is tailored to your unique preferences. To help you visualize the end result, Chelsea will create a digital preview that digitally enhances how your brows will look, giving you a clear idea of what to expect.

Throughout the consultation, Chelsea is happy to answer any questions you may have about microblading, microshading, nanoblading, or ombre brows, ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed before moving forward with the procedure. Chelsea will give you a custom set of brows that uniquely fit you. This will give you an accurate impression of how your brows will look.

See What Your New Eyebrows Will Look Like Before & After The Treatment!

With Chelsea's individualized approach and attention to detail, you can trust that every single brow is a work of art created just for you.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows - Before & After
Semi-permanent Eyebrows - Before & After in Dubai
Microblading, Micro shading Phibrows Dubai
Microblading, Micro shading Phibrows Before and After